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Tropical Flamingoes by Jill O’Connor


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Inspired by nature and her own garden, Jill hand draws her flowers, creating movement and flow combined with a vibrant colour palette for a fresh take on florals. She is self-taught with a wealth of creative art experience – music, performing arts, horticulture (RHS trained) and photography. She loves to observe the patterns and structures within nature and to explore how these can be translated into pattern design; exploring the use of original techniques (linocut, inks, watercolour etc) and working with them to bring the essence of traditional designs into the digital world.


“This design was inspired by a trip to Sri Lanka where flamingoes are known to migrate to the island in the winter. The combination of coconut trees and dahlias gives an idea of the shapes and colours that fill the landscape. The flamingoes are painted in watercolour and the trees and flowers are hand-drawn.”


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