Print and Pattern Trends: Embroidery at New Designers 2016

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This is the first in our series of Print and Pattern trend analysis blogs, inspired by some of the work we saw by recent textiles graduates at New Designers 2016. We'll be showcasing embroidery and surface pattern designers who incorporate stitch and embellishment into their prints.

Embroidery Trends at New Designers 2016

As usual, New Designers was a fantastic showcase of the best graduate surface pattern design, and we had a great day meeting designers and admiring their work. This year we were particularly impressed with the embroidery designers, and Zara Nugent, Megan Roberts, Charlotte Derby and Liss Cooke all stood out as designers who used embroidery as an integral part of their design process.

We were already aware of Megan Roberts, as we are very excited to say she has designed a number of exclusive prints which will shortly be available to buy from Print & Press, London as part of our designer fabrics collection. She uses beadwork and embroidery as an extension of her print designs, adding additional layers of pattern and texture to beautiful abstract prints.

Zara Nugent's bright, clean colour palette first attracted us to her work, and she explained to us the fascinating story behind her design process, focusing on traditional craft techniques, sustainability, and community. You can read more about the workshops she runs to inspire her designs on her website

Charlotte Derby creates complex, detailed prints, overlaid with embroidery and applique to create stunning, tactile wall hangings. We like her use of space and how she balances areas of intense detail and multiple layers with block colour and minimal embellishment.

Liss Cooke is a student we had followed on social media before the show, and her work didn't disappoint. Her rich colour palette, 3D designs, and use of metallics stand her work out from other graduates.

Zara Nugent social media

Charlotte Derby social media

Megan Roberts social media

Liss Cooke social media

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  1. Jennifer91

    These designers are so cool! Thanks for sharing, I’m studying textiles embroidery at university and it’s always great to find new inspiration. Really like Zara’s work 🙂

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