Our digital fabric printer can print designs with hundreds of different colours, from photographic images to perfect reproductions of a watercolour painting, and everything in between.


The colours we print may sometimes look slightly different from your screen or the original image, so if colour matching matters to you, we suggest you order a fabric and colour pack to check against. This only costs £2, but will give you 171 printed colours and their RGB colour hex code to help with your designs. You can then type this 6 digit code into Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, or other image editing software, normally in a box labelled ‘#’ or ‘hex code’:

Print and press colour picker


Of course, these aren’t the only colours we can print, but they should give you a good understanding of how colours look on screen, and how they will look printed on fabric. To minimise any surprises, you should also make sure your design is set up correctly before sending it to us.

You can download a jpeg copy of the RGB colour grid here.

If you need to check colours more thoroughly, or you need an exact match, we suggest you order a test print, where you can test a number of similar colours to choose from for your final design. You can order 1m of any of our fabrics for your test print, or you might want to try a Lucky Dip print for £7.50.



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