Designer Interview: Edwina from Wall Circus

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Designer Interview - Edwina from Wall Circus

Graphic designer Edwina talks colours, start up business tips, and design inspiration, as we find out more about the beautiful children’s print company Wall Circus.

Could you tell us a bit about yourself? 
Hi, my name is Edwina, I live in south west London with my husband and our 3 little tearaways. I worked as a graphic designer commuting into London for several years. After I had my second son, I made the really hard decision to give up my lovely job and work as a freelance designer from home. It was a huge leap of faith but I haven’t looked back. The freedom this has given me is amazing – I still manage to do the job I love but with the bonus of being able to work flexibly around my children. 
Designer Interview - Edwina from Wall Circus
What inspired you to start Wall Circus?
I spent 10 years designing posters for the arts and entertainment industry. After I became a mum and stopped commuting, it felt really instinctive to design for the new world I was now inhabiting. I am also really aware of the power of art and that surrounding children with positive messages can have a really great impact on their confidence and self esteem. All Wall Circus‘s designs are intended to do just that – I love bringing impactful, inspiring and affirming messages to children’s surroundings.
We found you on Instagram, where you have a gorgeous account. Do you have any advice for designers on curating their images?
That’s very kind, thank you. It certainly takes a bit of trial and error. I am definitely still learning but I think the key is consistency – sticking to just one filter and a particular colour palette can really help this. You can vary the content and the composition but if you follow to this tip, your feed should flow well. 
Designer Interview - Edwina from Wall Circus
Who are your favourite accounts to follow on Instagram?
I love @littlebigbell – her use of colour is stunning. I am also always in awe of @jsyamsek – her styling is gorgeous. 
Do you have any advice for designers looking to set up their own business?
The best advice I probably have (which came from my husband!) is to try & find a cost effective way of testing the viability of your product in the market before investing too heavily. If you are able to take orders for products rather than investing in stock, then this can really help. Taking stalls at fairs is also a great way of getting good value feedback from customers on your products.
Designer Interview - Edwina from Wall Circus
Colour looks to be a really important part of your work, where do you find your inspiration?
I have always loved colour and it’s ability to say so much without words. Every Wall Circus design is intended to be positive and feel-good so colour and combinations of colours are hugely important in this. I love playing around with my Pantone swatch book trying out different colour combinations to achieve this.
Which artists or designers inspire you?
I’m fascinated by the evolution of poster design and draw inspiration from many different sources. I love David Hockney’s work, I think he is amazing with colour. I’m also really inspired by retro graphic styles by designers such as Tom Eckersley and Dick Bruna. I love the boldness and beauty of simplified, clean shapes and flat colour.
Designer Interview - Edwina from Wall Circus
What are you most proud of achieving since launching Wall Circus? 
I’m really thrilled by how well the business has grown. I started it as very much a local business but we are so lucky to live in an age where we have the internet and social media at hand to grow our businesses. I am now sending orders to as far a field as Australia and Singapore. 
Can you tell us about something exciting you are working on at the moment?
There are new designs appearing on the website regularly but most excitingly, I am looking into a few different applications for my designs which will bring some new and exciting products to the Wall Circus on-line store. Be sure to follow us on social media to keep up with our latest additions!
Designer Interview - Edwina from Wall Circus
If you’d like to keep up to date with Wall Circus, or buy some of their gorgeous prints, you can visit their website, or follow them on Facebook and Instagram

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