How To Stay In Control Of Your Creative Business, In 5 Easy Steps

Practical, easy to follow advice for creative businesses; covering promotion, time management, and keeping calm. All written by small business owner and textile designer Victoria, the mastermind behind accessories brand TORIA by Victoria Jowett. Click the heading and scroll to … Continued

3 Mistakes To Avoid When You Startup Your Creative Business

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Print & Press founder Beki Gowing looks at the lessons she learnt starting up a creative business at university, and suggests how new startups and designers can avoid similar mistakes.   When I was at university (before Print & Press, London … Continued

5 Steps To Work Out Your Product’s Selling Price

As part of our creative business support series, Samantha from A Thousand Yellow Daisies explains how to work out the selling price for your textile products, including examples and five easy calculations for you to copy.     Figuring out how to price … Continued

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