9 Creative Ways To Use Personalised Fabric To Promote Your Business

9 Creative Ways To Use Fabric To Promote Your Business

Personalised fabric is a great accessory to showcase your pattern designs and make your packaging and promotional materials stand out.

For all of these examples, you can use a beautiful patterned fabric, or why not make your own pattern which includes your company logo and contact details to promote your business.


1. Fabric Presentation Bags and Wrapping Paper

Beautiful packaging and presentation will make your customer feel extra special, and make the process of unwrapping your products even more enjoyable. Use a beautiful fabric to make your gift bags or fabric wrapping paper something your customers want to keep.

You could also offer this as a giftwrapping service on your website or for special events like Christmas and Mother’s Day.

Instructions on handmadiya.com


Digitally printed banner for market stall

2. Banners and Table Cloths

If you sell your products at markets or trade fairs, you know how important it is to have eye catching signs to draw attention to your stand. You could print customer reviews, your most popular Instagram pictures, or just your company logo on a nice bright background.

1m of fabric is big enough for a banner, and 2m will cover most market tables.

Image from alyssaleannehoppe.com


3. Badges and Magnets

When you’re making things with fabric, you always end up with lots of small scraps. Instead of throwing them away, make personalised fabric badges and magnets to sell alongside your other products, or to wear at markets and networking events. Buy a kit to achieve a professional finish if you want to sell them.

Badge instructions on pintsizedtreasure.com

Magnet instructions on andreasnotebook.com


4. Fabric Business Cards

Show you’re a textile creative by including your fabrics on your business cards. You could sew examples of your patterns to the back, or sew a ruffle or flounce to the edge to make your business card stand out in a pile.

Why not print your business cards directly on fabric, and use interfacing to make it rigid? You could make 112 double sided digitally printed fabric business cards from 1m of Cotton Sateen.

Image from sappyapple.blogspot.co.uk


5. Fabric Business Card Holder

For customers you really want to impress, give them your card in a bespoke fabric business card holder. They will be reminded of you every time they give anyone their card.

Extra gifts like this can be a great way to build your relationship with customers and keep them coming back to you.

Instructions on makingtheworldcuter.com


How to make fabric ribbon

6. Personalised Ribbon

Art prints, folded fabric, handbags, and dresses, everything looks better if it’s wrapped with a ribbon. And even better if the ribbon is a beautiful pattern that promotes your business.

Instructions on tikkido.com


7. Printed Fabric Labels

Any products you sell made from fabric should include a label with your business name on. It makes them look more professional, and reminds people of your company if they want to buy any more, or promote you to their friends.

Digitally printing your labels means you can include as many colours as you want, and you can include extra information like washing instructions, fabric composition, and your website. To make your labels, just set up a metre canvas in Photoshop or Illustrator, and copy and paste your label, remembering to leave enough space for a seam allowance.

All of our fabrics are suitable for printed labels, but we like Furnishing Cotton as it is easy to sew but has a nice weight.


8. Personalised Swatch Book

Create some mini fabric swatch books to give to potential buyers or retailers. These don’t need to include your full portfolio, but are a great way to remind people of your style and how your designs look of fabric (and are much more exciting and likely to be kept than a printed PDF!) Always keep one in your bag for impromptu meetings.

Have a look at fabric and wallpaper swatch books in department stores for ideas on how to make and present your swatch book.


How to make a fabric collage card

9. Thank You Cards

A lovely customer, another creative who’s helped you out, a mentor who’s given some great advice, or the organiser of an event you went to. It’s always nice to send a thank you card, and even more thoughtful if it’s handmade and includes your own fabrics or designs.

Minki Kim shows how to use fabric scraps to make an applique card, or you could try making something more 3D or layered.



Do you use your personalised fabric in any other ways to promote your business? Or has this inspired you to try something new? Write us a comment on Facebook, we’d love to know.

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